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Quartz Shield

Quartz Shield is an new exciting and versatile coating system to hit the Australian epoxy market. It provides a diverse range of benefits and a vast number of desirable characteristics, which are reflected in the number of places Quartz Shield can be utilised.

Quartz Shield is available in two different systems, Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40. These systems present customers with the option of varying levels of grit, and consequentially different levels of slip-resistance. What makes this exciting new system unique, is the use of quartz as the slip-resistant additive as opposed to traditional slip-resistant coatings which use silica sand. Quartz Shield has an incredible level of durability, and its sheer hardness ensures the longevity of the coating from both a practical and visual standpoint.


Quartz Shield 25 is specifically designed and optimised for use in commercial/industrial environments where slip-resistance, hygiene and ease of maintenance is of the utmost importance. These environments include commercial kitchens, hotel bar service areas, butchers & food manufacturing facilities.

Quartz Shield 40 is perfectly suited for residential applications where a slip-resistant coating is required, however, a decorative and attractive finish is also desired. Quartz Shield 40 is perfect for residential areas that require additional slip resistance underfoot for outdoor entertaining areas, paths and pool areas.


This wide range of applications and benefits are perfectly complemented by a dynamic colour range including; Artic, Grain, Iron, Silver & Wine. These colours further increase the appeal of this new and exciting system and confirm Quartz Shield as a premier choice for businesses and homeowners as they evaluate their coating options across both commercial and residential projects.

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