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Maintenance Tips

TLG Epoxy Coatings Curing Time

A period of seven days should normally be allowed after application of the finish, before any wet cleaning process is carried out. During this curing period, which will be dependent on site conditions and ambient temperatures, floors should be suction cleaned or lightly swept with a soft broom. For Curing times please refer to the relevant product data sheet.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Cleaning

This can embrace a whole range of activities, from damp mopping of small lightly soiled to heavy duty machine scrubbing for the removal of ground-in dirt or compacted oil and grease. To be effective, the equipment which is used should be appropriate for the size and nature of the tasks to be undertaken. When selecting the equipment, consideration must be given to the type of surface to be cleaned, especially those with a slip-resistant / textured finish.

  • Mopping equipment (various types) for small relatively clean areas.
  • Rotary scrubbing machines, for deep cleaning in confined or restricted access areas (used in conjunction with mopping equipment).
  • Wet suction machines, which may be used with both mopping equipment and rotary machines for picking up cleaning solutions.
  • Combined scrubbers / driers for use in larger open areas where, depending on the machine’s size and capacity, up to 3000m2 per hour can be cleaned.

Do not use abrasive cleansers. Try using a soft bristle brush instead as hard bristles act like sandpaper.

Do not use acid based cleaners. They will damage your flooring and must not be used.

Do not use strong alkali based cleansers. They can be very dangerous and must be diluted as per the products instructions and never used in their concentrated form.

Whilst some solvent “activated” cleansers are suitable, in the main, it is better to avoid using any solvent cleansers.

Scraping the surface of the epoxy flooring should be avoided but it is okay to lightly use a scourer sponge together with plastic scrapers or squeegees. Ensure they have rounded corners as they are less likely to scratch the floors surface.

TLG Epoxy Coatings After Installation Care

First and foremost, your new flooring system must be permitted to fully cure before being walked on. Light foot traffic - 24 hours if an average temperature is 20°c, but 48 hours if around 8°c. Full mechanical and chemical loading (i.e.; garages and commercial zones) – this will require 7 days with the temperature averaging 20°c and 14 days with an 8°c average temperature (but always take care with heavy equipment across the new floor). Removing dust and sand is the most critical part of maintaining your epoxy floor as dust and sand build up may become abrasive and scour your loors over time.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Routine Maintenance

The extent and frequency of all routine maintenance will depend on many factors - type and level of activity within the area; the required level of hygiene or desired standard; the actual floor system to be cleaned, together with its overall size and texture; the type of soiling held on the surface.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Equipment And Sweeping

The equipment used for the care and maintenance of your TLC Epoxy Coatings Floor should be relevant to the area involved, and should incorporate, wherever possible, mechanically or electrically driven equipment/machines.

This is an integral part of all cleaning procedures. Surface dirt and loose debris are unsightly and can be very abrasive. They must be removed effectively and regularly using:

  • Brooms, brushes or suction cleaners for small or difficult areas only.
  • Dust control mops for light dry dust and debris and on smooth finishes only.
  • Mechanical sweepers for larger areas and possible ‘ride on’ sweepers for very large floor areas / open spaces.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Mechanical Scrub - Commercial / Industrial (Every 6-12 Months)

After all dust, sand and debris has been removed from the surface, mechanically scrub the epoxy coating using soft poly brushes and a PH neutral cleaner at the appropriate dilution rates (as per manufacturer specifications) - with the squeegee blade up and vacuum off.

Once the cleaner has had adequate exposure (typically 5-10 minutes) rinse the floor with clean water - the squeegee blade down and the vacuum on.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Commercial Kitchens

Mechanical Scrub Daily.
After all fats, oils, food and debris has been removed from the surface, mechanically scrub the epoxy coating using a stiff bristle broom / mechanical scrubber. Use a PH neutral cleaner at the appropriate dilution rates (as per manufacturer specifications)
*Wash down thoroughly
*It is imperative to confirm that all fats and oils are removed from the surface daily.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Impact Damage Repairsss

An epoxy flooring system is somewhat complex and it is advisable to contact a professional to carry out any repairs. If you are intending to carry out the repairs yourself, it is imperative that you act quickly and make enquiries as to what remedial measures need to be carried out immediately so as to retain the integrity and performance of the epoxy coating system to prevent the ingress of water or chemicals into that damaged area.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Scratch Or Scoring Damage

When the flooring surface is scratched or scored by accident or by the use of abrasive materials then you will need to clean the surface with an approved cleanser and an approved polish or glaze coat as mentioned above. This will protect the floor from further minor scratches.

It is worth noting that repeated applications will result in the build up of the thickness of the polish or glaze coat which in turn will provide improved scratch and score resistance.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Polishing Epoxy Flooring

Now that the washing process is completed, you can commence polishing your floor. For this task you can use approved clear polymer glaze coats or wax polishes to protect the upper surface from minor scratches and abrasions. You will find that wax modified cleansers are most likely to be the ones that will provide improved scratch resistance. Metallic style polishes will give immediate protection and it is recommended that you apply at least three coats following the washing procedure. You will find that three coats can comfortably be applied in the same day. It is advisable that the polishing application is repeated every three months. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, contact
TLC Epoxy Coatings for advice or assistance.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Treating Stains (within 12 hours)

Treat all food stains, tyre marks etc. within 12 hours using the necessary cleaning products. Acid based chemicals may be used as a last resort, as long as they are diluted to at least 12:1 (as permanufacturer specifications and exposure for no longer than 2-3 minutes. The areas which are treated are neutralized (PH neutral cleaner) and rinsed using clean water.

TLG Epoxy Coatings Chemical & Oil Based Spillages

It is imperative that the spillage of chemicals such as petrol or oil should be attended to immediately and not left to settle on the floor. This applies to any and all spillages and should be treated with a cleaning procedure as detailed above.

Be aware that after some chemical spillages, whether they are small or large, there are certain chemicals that may cause some colour changes to your epoxy flooring.

Generally this is caused by a surface reaction only and is unlikely to impair the mechanical performance
of the epoxy flooring system.

Failure to comply with the above maintenance schedule can result in the slip rating of your floor dramatically reducing as there is a build-up of oils, chemicals etc. in the surface acting as a lubricant. Product warranties may also be reduced or void if this schedule is not followed and damage occurs to the epoxy coating.

Minimum Cleaning Schedule For Textured Resin Floors

High Traffic Pedestrian Areas

  • Throughout Operating Hours

    Dry brush the surface of the floor to remove grit and dust.

    Grit, dirt and dust increase scuffing and scratching underfoot, and therefore increases the abrasion of the surface.

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    As Soon As Spills Occur

    They should be addressed to prevent them from being spread to other areas (on the feet of pedestrians, trolley wheels etc.) and to prevent the soiling becoming ground into the surface.

    Areas affected by spills should be treated locally with a compact scrubber drier using a solution of neutral detergent (according to manufacturer directions).

  • Every Night

    All floors should be cleaned using a solution of a neutral detergent in conjunction with the preferred methods described overleaf.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever, contact TLC Epoxy Coatings for advice or assistance on
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