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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Does your Business have high traffic, is it a commercial or heavy duty industrial location? If so it’s important to have flooring that looks good, and is tough enough to cope with the demands of the job. When it’s time to upgrade from a dusty or damaged concrete floor, old tiles or carpets, it’s time to consider the benefits of commercial epoxy flooring. Available in a wide range of colours and textures with the option of a slip resistant surface, commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings have a seamless finish with the strength and reliability you need. Importantly, the surface is easy to maintain and can be resistant to potential hazards like chemical or oil spills, Oil and acid spills are easily wiped away, leaving your floor looking like new.

Our epoxy coating systems provide abrasive and impact resistance so you can feel assured that your workshop/factory floor will work for you by avoiding time-consuming repairs that disrupt working hours. Customers will be impressed by the cleanliness of your workshop, which can help to instil confidence in the services your business offers. Employees will enjoy working in a bright environment where the risk of slips and falls is greatly diminished.

Designated colours and zones can be mapped out on a warehouse floor with epoxy, creating a visual barrier to keep employees safe.


Our quality flooring solutions are ideal for the following applications:

  • warehouse
    Factory and warehouse floors and walls
  • Mechanical-workshops
    Mechanical workshops
  • Aircraft-hangers
    Aircraft hangers
  • Waste water
    Waste water treatment plants
  • Commercial-kitchens
    Commercial kitchens
  • cold-rooms
    Abbattoirs, cold rooms and freezers
  • Food-manufacturing
    Food manufacturing plants
  • Retail-outlets
    Retail outlets
  • Service-industry
    Service industry, including bars
  • Offices

Industrial Finishes

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